Christina Ledang, founder of CLEAN by Christina Ledang, has a fashion design degree from Middlesex University where she graduated with a BA in 2006. After living abroad for 6 years, 4 years in London and 2 years in Montreal, Christina returned to her home city of Oslo in 2008.

While fast becoming a successful stylist, represented in Pudder Agency and having a wide selections of big clients, both editorial and commercial, Christina decided in 2012 to follow her dream of having her own brand. In April she launched her brand after getting much recognition and attention on her one-off latex pieces in magazines suchs as Elle and Costume.

Clean by Christina Ledang is an abbreviation for Christina Ledang Essentials and Necessities. The aesthetic is a forever blend of streetwear meeting high fashion.  Feminine silhouettes and impeccable craftsmanship in exclusive materials is styled with college sweaters and belts carrying the brands logo in bold letters. Ever so preoccupied with how identity speaks through the way of dressing and the notion of the impact of mood and environment, Christinas is constantly aiming to not have a too defined identity as a brand, but allowing play and her passion for clothing, textiles and silhouettes, be at the core. In that way allowing each collection to have its own identity.

While mainly focusing on womenswear, CLEAN also offers a wide variety of silhouettes that works for both men and women.